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Derek is very careful.


He was promoted to the position of school principal.

Sharada helped Maria carry her bags.

He cut the apple in two.

I'd like to meet with her.

Sandeep's mother told an extraordinary story of an out-of-body experience she had during her recent brush with death.


It is silly of me to have made the same mistake twice.

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I started liking Laurie as soon as I met her.

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Steve looks pretty upset.

I'll order food.

I have finished my assignment.

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My father didn't say a word during dinner.


She thinks she knows best.


Ross is the one.

I don't know which doctor she meant.

A tear ran down Roxanne's cheek.

Is there a link between smoking and lung cancer?

I want you to be my girlfriend.


Seen from the plane, the islands were very pretty.

I don't have time to play games.

Where could she be?

Tell me how that's possible.

Did the car look old?

Every sentence in that book is important.

Will you exchange this sweater for a larger one?

Kerri doesn't even live in Boston.

My boss dictated a letter for his secretary to type.


I had to go to Boston.


It doesn't necessarily mean that you're right.


Wendy trusted Daren more than anyone else.


I'm seeing them this afternoon.

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It's no big deal if I lose.

I'm going out with Peter.

Juggling is another thing I'm not very good at.


He turned up the volume on the television.

Nobody cares about our problems.

Cattle were grazing in the field.

The knife punctured his lung.

Our trip lasted a long time.

Whoever told you such a ridiculous story?

His brave deeds brought him a medal.


Will you look after our pets while we're away?

How could this happen to Niels?

If he's a journalist, I'm a star.

The liquid flow submits the container to what we call tangential stress.

When I came into the room, I found Juergen unconscious on the floor.

Isaac has never been good at keeping secrets.

He has regular conversations with his wife.

Graeme was wounded.

It isn't expensive.


Soohong was very understanding.


I want you to work for me.

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Ramon has visited Australia three times.


The pie was delicious.

Wait over here.

He's a tall boy.

Edmund and Amanda were fighting.

Can I use your telephone, please?

He lay down in a comfortable position.

She bore the pain bravely.

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The misfortune of the ants makes the elephants laugh.

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Toki Pona is a minimalist constructed language consisting only of 123 words.


Micky wants a house with a big yard and a white picket fence.


Shirley heard coughing.


Did anybody call on you yesterday?

Dannie will work.

Do you know where the can opener is?

Norman asked Tharen how many languages she could speak.

He says he will come.

Can you tell me when Rhonda'll be back?

We must do this ourselves.

What colour is his hair?

Guess what Kaj said.

Who first split the atom?

There was nothing for it but to wait till he came back.


I ran into Sonny in the park.


Aren't you excited about what happened?

Let's put this in the trunk.

Nici is getting better.


Everything is subject to the laws of nature.


You should eat more.

I'm on the porch.

In consequence of a new agreement between two competitors, we need to readjust our strategies.

I still respect Craig.

I didn't tell anyone, not even my mother.

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I don't believe that you're mentally unbalanced.


We want to break off this negotiation.


I often watch night games on TV.


Don't you have any more?


He barely leaves the house.

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Your ideas are ahead of the times.


I took it for granted that he would consent.


I have to stay for a while.


Hitoshi's radio is broken.

No, I'm not stupid.

I've had a difficult time after Earle was abruptly torn from me.

Why don't you do what Lars asked you?

I came to Japan last year.

It appears to me that you put on my hat by mistake.

Don't say that about her. She's my girlfriend.

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Olof and Beverly dote on their little baby boy.

This and that are two different stories.

I love to cook.

Here the road curves to the right.

Could you tell me something about your school?

I'm not jealous of them.

What she says is the pure truth.

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You're not mad at me anymore, are you?

Warren eats breakfast with his mother.

We'd better hurry. I don't want to be late for the concert.


She's a perfectly ordinary girl.

I have the key to the safe.

They were together.

What do you mean, "I don't like it"?

Bill dealt Vishal a sudden blow.


Shag rugs were popular in the 1960s.

Sofoklis isn't paying us anything.

Perhaps Elizabeth was right.


I know it's either Suzanne or Sharan.


I can do the same.

We're not a party!

"Could you pass me the sugar?" "Here you go."

Ellen is still living in Boston, isn't he?

Has everyone got all of their suitcases back?


It could just be your imagination.

Do you think she still wants me to stay with her?

Floria asked for Vilhelm's permission to leave early.

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This one's supposed to be the best.


Isn't "Sloppy Joe" someone's name?


I just told you. Are you deaf?


No one knows what's really going on.

Is Tanaka really a Canadian?

Is there a Percy in your class?

His sons are not properly brought up.

Some people watched TV serials every evening.

This model can be combined with any color.

That was well worth the trouble.

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It's not as simple as it seems.

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He attended the scientific conference.


There hasn't been any rain for the past three months.


They won't know we're there.

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Hold on just a second, would you, please?

I think all cats are wild. They only act tame if there's a saucer of milk in it for them.

Nora will cry.

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Rafik and Torsten were watching television when I got home.