You guys are like family.

Please pay cash, not by credit card.

Joshua acknowledged his mistake.

What do you think of the game that Jinny created?

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He learned that poem by heart when he was five years old.

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This meeting isn't over.

The fighter jets were forming up for an attack.

We thought it was absurd that you got punished.

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Did you meet Gretchen?

Anderson and Gabriel are as different as night and day.

That's all I'm going to give you.

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This is why I didn't want to make an announcement.


I'm obligated to fix this.


Randolph made a bad judgment call.

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Not everything Casey told you is true.

Why don't you get yourself a girlfriend?

He's a sex maniac.

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Seeing you is a rare treat.

I promise I won't forget.

Dorothy has caused me many problems.


Will you make me up a dress if I give you the material?

I leave my windows and doors unlocked most of the time.

Albert can't wait to talk to Miriamne.

She told me her mum bought it for her.

Les deceived Roman.


She seemed anything but remorseful.

How's your little sister?

Are you happy or not?

Haste is waste.

How could he possibly have effected that kind of change in that amount of time?

They dream.

I was very moved by his speech.

Antonio introduced me to Arne.

It's mine, not his.


Few people think so.


I'm just too busy.


I saw "Star Wars" some months ago.


He fainted and fell on his back.

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Who trained the trainers?

We must respect individual liberty.

Please tell me how to spell your name.

After a long argument, I finally persuaded her to go camping.

I've never even met him.


Masanao has recently been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

Cindy lowered his gun.

Nobody studied in my country.

Are there any Chinese restaurants near here?

We don't have much.

What are your intentions?

Krzysztof is a loyal citizen of his country.

There was a full moon last night.

I do remember you were in Boston for a short while.

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I just can't seem to remember it.

There are many ideological similarities between parties at the extreme ends of the political spectrum.

I want to know what's behind it.

I drive across that bridge every afternoon on my way home from work.

The second lesson is very simple.

She is quite decent in conduct.

My license is still suspended.

Saumya has been following me.

The average number of pregnancies per woman is two in industrialized countries.


He is better than any other player in the team.


Do you ever think about that guy?

I promised Judy I'd not tell anyone.

After all, you're right.

When would you like to meet?

Do you mind if I change the channel?


As soon as the ship began to move, he got seasick.

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I don't want to mess with that.


I'm going to get myself some coffee. Do you want some?


You can't go alone.


Money opens each door.

She has no fear.

Ginny's phone number has changed.


I'll continue to offer advice.

I know what it's like to be different.

We have some, but not nearly enough.

Duke is just watching television.

The end of the world will have to wait.


Ramon will be sleeping by the time we get there.

The traffic light changed to red.

You look worse than her.


Tandy was a good Samaritan.

Dylan just wants Stephan to help him with his homework.

That's why we didn't tell her.

Your attitude towards women is offensive.

She's a beauty from a distance.

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Mikey checks his blood pressure once a week.

Hsuan was looking at some girls in bikinis.

Vance couldn't sleep because the neighbor's dog barked all night.

I should have taken the money.

Let's begin by considering the similarities.


My car has developed a few quirks over the years.

Let's all get back to work.

He is an American, but as he was born and brought up in Japan, he can speak Japanese quite fluently.

Can you do that here?

You'd be amazed how often Sunil doesn't do his homework.

I think Ben is too competitive.

They were compelled to postpone their departure.

Fletcher's car was intercepted by a group of rebels.

Penny knows how to run a club.


I'm always happy.

They are all good men at heart.

The apartment is in flames.


Renting an office in the middle of Boston costs a lot.

Everyone ignored him.

What's the point of fighting heteronormativity with more heteronormativity?

It would be a pity if you let this opportunity pass you by.

Get Vilhelm something to drink.


I like to repair phones.


Your bereavement saddens me.

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There's someone I'd like you to meet.


Cardinal Bergoglio was elected Pope by the Conclave.

Audrey has an audience with the Pope.

The box she found was empty.


They deal in rice at that store.

I called you at home last night.

How many people will be living on Earth in one century?

Moderate exercise is necessary to health.

Sport means health.

Why do you want to work for us?

I wasn't permitted to see Roxie.


I really enjoy helping disabled people.

I like these.

The employees treat everything the company president says as a golden rule.


Where did Nils get that?

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The movie was a real tear-jerker.

I never knew about them.

That was our biggest accomplishment.

This rose is beautiful.

I was anxious that she accept my offer.


When was the last time you hunted?


Gretchen's shoes are dirty.


What's Vic's maiden name?

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Thanks for helping me out.

He glanced at the noisy child with a sour expression.

I'd like to make a toast.

That's a very nice suit.

Bring a date.

You have to stay in shape.

How did you fall into the swamp? Somebody shoved us.

It sounds nothing to hear, but it was hellish to see.

The baby cried himself to sleep.

Trees put forth young shoots all at once.

"Oh! they'll find him guilty," said the other. "Don't you be afraid of that."


It's a little annoying.


Six times three is eighteen.


Is the dining room open now?

I'll go and get help.

I definitely think it's doable.


The plot develops rapidly.

I'm the only one you can trust.

He's charming and irresistible.