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Why wouldn't it work now?

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The food is very yummy tonight.

I did it in a hurry.

The city is hosting the fair.

What denominations would you like?

She asked the same question of everyone in turn.

I found it necessary to get assistance.

The students studying over there are my friends.

I've never forgotten Morgan's birthday.

You speak French, right?

Manuel led Brodie into the cave.

I may be playing the devil's advocate, but I have to ask, what are we going to do if we don't get all the customers we expect?


You should be careful in choosing friends.

Nowadays, when mass media has already done away with any limits, it seems that one's head has shrunk to the size of an iPhone.

Why don't you do it by yourself?

Hans became desperate.

That animal is huge!


We can catch them.

Tell Noam I'll be right over.

She is only two years old but is able to count to 100.


Peter slid down the water slide.


Those who know me, know that I am Catholic.

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This data is immaterial to the argument.

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"Tatoeba is not a Japanese girl name." "Then, it's your Japanese girlfriend's nickname."


Am I a prisoner?


I just want to talk with you a little while.

I suggest you read what's written on that piece of paper I gave you.

Near the bed, the composite aluminium robot, with a human shape and with a rubber skin, cleverly painted to resemble human skin, glued to its body, was standing naked.

I'm learning to play the clarinet.

I looked up the arrival time in the timetable.


I'll call back soon.


He's popular with the students.

Steak lies heavy on the stomach.

Nora asked me a couple of questions.

Let me go in and talk to him.

Carol isn't a suspect.


I can tell you're sleepy.

I've enjoyed working with you.

It was wise of you to take your umbrella with you.

Why don't you tell Thad what you want for Christmas?

This flower smells so nice.


I opened the door slowly.

Shatter has a lot of poise.

Why didn't you try and stop Clara?


Who is your girlfriend?

Our school accepted three Americans as exchange students.

Dalton won the competition.

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Stephe was a credible witness.

My driver's license is valid for another three years.

Jim is a writer. She's really good.

They fooled the boy into stealing his father's watch.

He's smart, cool and attractive.

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Did you put my name on the list?

I'm really stupid, aren't I?

Apart from the plot, the book interested me.


Craig pretended not to notice.


Beth or Deirdre go to the market.


Reflections could be seen in the puddles.

The services took place at the cemetery.

I'll ask Raman to make you something to eat.

We met while we were both visiting Australia.

What've you been doing to Lum?

Holly was busy working.

I traveled to Paris.


Have you found an answer to this question?

I played it by the book.

We'll probably go to Boston next week.


Japanese children brought up overseas sometimes face great difficulty in adjusting themselves to Japanese schools after returning, even though they have a perfect command of Japanese.

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Erik sipped wine.

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I won't follow you.

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Send her over.

That wasn't even a lie.

Lenora was raised by his uncle.

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Don't try to deceive me.

I ask questions to my doctor.

Have you been awake all night?

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Money is a big bother: you can live neither with it nor without it.

I look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Have you been drinking today?

Morris saw a large bird.

I stayed at home, for it rained that day.

Hunter is an unemployed aeronautical engineer.

I got a piece of lead for my mechanical pencil from her.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Do you have any water?

She has more books.

She was clothed in a red blouse and white skirt.

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We have to buy water from Malaysia.

Penguins are accomplished swimmers.

We went shopping with our friends.

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I've got some brownies.

I have to watch a documentary.

Your problem is you don't listen very carefully.

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I've seen her on TV many times.


Let's just forget the whole thing.

Let us raise our glasses to the health of our grandfather!

I've been worrying about that.

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The last survivors fled the town yesterday.

The cherry trees are getting ready to bloom.

What a cute outfit!

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Leonard ran to his car.

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Under the Tatoeba guidelines, it is recommended that members only add sentences in their native language and/or translate from a language they can understand into their native language. The reason for this is that it is much easier to form natural-sounding sentences in one's native language. When we write in a language other than our native language, it is very easy to produce sentences that sound strange. Please make sure you only translate the sentence if you are sure you know what it means.

Naked boys were swimming in the river.

Fish live in the sea.

I dreamed about Yumi.

You are generous to give me such a lot of money.

Bjorne couldn't remember how to do it.

The sky above was a deep blue.


Things have gotten a little busy recently.

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Frederick refused to go with me.


Earle's methods were unorthodox.

Louis has made up his mind to quit working here.

This scandal has severely damaged the public image of our company.


Jeffery apologized for calling so late at night.

Someone told me that.

She had an easy delivery.


Everybody looks up to Laurie.

I can no longer remember the last time I met with my mother.

They hired a moving company to transport their belongings to their new home.

I have some kool aid in the refrigerator.

I bet we've all asked ourselves that same question more than once.

At this point, I'm unable to comment on that problem.

I had my military service in Ankara.


"Honey, come to bed." "No, not yet. I still have to translate some sentences on Tatoeba."


A mule is a hybrid offspring of two species, a female horse and a male donkey.


I won't be able to promote them.

An ambulance went to the scene of the accident.

I shouldn't have lied to Eddy.


I'll give you a good price.

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My finger is throbbing because I accidentally shut the car door on it.

Imagination affects every aspect of our lives.

I haven't seen him for a long time.

The date of the festival coincides with that of the exam.

We can't really keep all this stuff, can we?

Lowell knew where Mann bought her groceries.

The editor and publisher is my cousin.

I ache for a sight of the sea.

No matter how close we may be, I can not ask him to do that.

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Rock appeals to young men and women.


Rudy isn't a fast reader.

Staying up late nights is nothing to me.

I'd better ask Norbert.

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The hard work paid off.


My brothers will be greatly loved by our citizens because of their erudition and modesty.

I live in a hotel.

The water's cold.


Please make up your mind once and for all.

You know what'll happen if you ever try anything like that again.

Raif knows his business.

Connie doesn't let Tran drive his car.

Agatha can't believe Sanand really believes that.